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Refugees Relationship Management Tool

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The Refugees Relationship Management Tool is a tool developed to support the implementation of refugee assistance programs.

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Bee Group SA has developed the integrated Information System Refugees Relationship Management Tool in order to effectively manage the housing needs of the refugee population. It is addressed to municipalities and Non-Governmental Organizations that are responsible for the operation of accommodation and temporary accommodation structures, whether they concern hostels, social apartments and hotels, or state-funded units.

The RRMT is a tool for organizing all actions related to the provision of housing services while at the same time contributing to the faster service of refugees.

RRMT is a cloud information system and is provided in the form of Software As A Service (SaaS). It works without the need to install special infrastructure or equipment, so that the user has easy access from anywhere.

The functions of the RRMT revolve around two main axes:

Α) Refugee management
All data for each refugee are recorded and organized.

  • General information of the person (personal and family information, documents, etc.)
  • Details of the apartment, its roommates and relocation information
  • Refugee Debit Card Information
  • Social Scientist Information (Sessions, visits, emergency calls and other sensitive information)
  • External contacts and appointments

Β) Management of housing units,
Records all accommodation information (apartments, rooms, hostels)

  • Their location, the number of rooms they have and their availability
  • The contact details of the property owner and manager
  • The equipment they have
  • Data on utilities (electricity, water)
  • Reports of possible faults and damages
  • Account and payment details
  • Medical coverage costs

By effectively combining the available data, RRMT offers the ability to export useful reports and aggregate statistics. More specifically:

  • Aggregate action plan report per refugee
  • Reports on the daily situation of structures and refugees
  • Reports on the situation of each family and the benefits received
  • Reports on the details of all apartments
  • Aggregate housing reports per refugee and per unit
  • Expense reports by category (rent, utility bills, transportation costs)
  • Employee efficiency reports.


Refugee agencies are called upon to manage the vast amount of information that is often scattered across various databases. RRMT comes to facilitate the work of executives who are called upon to combine this multifaceted information to provide the best possible service. More specifically, RRMT offers:

  • direct access to information and their optimal use for the best possible provision of services to refugees
  • Coordinated supervision of housing structures through the interconnection of individuals, groups and organizations
  • Automation and improvement of processes and workflows resulting in increased effectiveness of actions
  • transparency in the management of tangible and intangible resources
  • informing the management and maintaining contact between the other executives in real time
  • continuous updating and exporting statistics in real time
  • integrated financial management of the provision of services
  • Refuge aggregate record keeping per person (refugee action plan)

The RRMT complies with EU Regulation 679/2016 GDPR and achieves comprehensive protection of refugees’ personal data, by providing:

  • minimizing the movement of personal data
  • graded access and distinct roles to application users.

In your fight to upgrade the living standards of refugees, RRMT will be an important partner and helper.