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In its more than thirty years of operation, Bee Group SA has demonstrated a crucial role at the so-called “IT revolution” and the entry of the Internet in Greece through a series of important projects and collaborations. Today, it continues and manages, thanks to the experience and ingenuity but also the hard work of its executives, to open new horizons in its business activity.

From 2020, the company begins to implement the Privacy Information Management System according to ISO / IEC 27701: 2019 with scope: Preparation of studies, Provision of consulting services, Design-development-installation of software applications, Web hosting, Provision of information implementation & operation services- telecommunication systems, Technical support.

In the same year, the Company develops the application Health First App, a complete digital application for hotel businesses, which simplifies with digital tools and methodologies the implementation and monitoring of health protocol measures in the COVID-19 era.

In 2019, the company begins to implement the Information Security Management System according to EN ISO 27001: 2013 with scope: preparation of studies, provision of consulting services, design, development, marketing, and installation of software and information systems applications, design, development, management and hosting of websites and servers and technical support.

In 2018, the company moves to the new standard EN ISO 9001: 15 with scope: studies, consulting services, design, development, marketing and installation of software and information systems applications, design, development, management and hosting of websites and servers and technical support.

In the same year the company adopts a system of compliance for the security of personal data in the requirements of the European Regulation (EU) 2016/679 GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) for the protection of individuals against the processing of personal data.

It also develops a pioneering cloud application, named e-ComplianceGDPR, which simplifies the process of Compliance of each company and organization with the General Regulation of Personal Data Protection GDPR, supports the easy maintenance and monitoring of compliance and immediate and effective accountability to authorities and subjects.

In 2014, Bee Group makes a major investment in technology by strengthening its Data Center and production equipment, enabling it to offer virtualization services and develop new products and applications.

In the same year, the company introduces to the market the Refugee Support System, an Information Support System for the operation of the Structures of Accommodation and Refugee Support, which enables the monitoring and measurement of the produced work of the Social Structures and Services of a Municipality or an NGO on fire. the issue of hosting and supporting refugees.

In 2011, the company begins to implement a certified system according to the standard ELOT 1435: 2009 for the provision of communication services, including advertising services, to public bodies and the wider public sector. The scope is: provision of public relations services and sales promotion services and direct marketing, two-way communication.

In the same year, the company presents to the market “Estia+”, an Information System for monitoring the operation and measurement of the produced work of the social Structures and Services of a Municipality or a Non-Governmental Organization.

In 2009 the company starts to implement a certified Quality Management System according to EN ISO 9001: 2008 in the field of application: elaboration of studies, provision of consulting services, design-development-installation of software applications, web hosting, provision of implementation services & operation of information-telecommunication systems, technique support.

In 2004 the redesign and reorganization of the company is completed, which leads to its transformation, with a new name to Bee Group A.E. The objects of the company’s activity are expanded, the internal procedures are reorganized, the consulting department of the company is strengthened with new executives and a series of actions is planned which combines the experience of the company in information and network technologies with the consulting and communication services. The restructuring leads to an increase in the flexibility but also the efficiency of the company, which is reflected in the undertaking and implementation of a series of large and complex projects addressed to both companies and local government and the public sector.

In 2003 the Company makes a major investment in technology and develops a fully equipped Data Center, capable of providing high quality web hosting services and applications.

In 2002 it merged with CORPUS Research Consulting SA with the aim of expanding its activities in the field of consulting services, with emphasis on business planning, development policy planning of public bodies and companies, administration, management & evaluation of projects and programs and technical consulting services.

In 2001 the company expands by creating offices in Athens and Thessaloniki.

In 1999, the company acquired a direct satellite Internet connection with the USA (Larissa – Washington DC) and promotes Internet access services to companies and organizations, while expanding the development of Multimedia applications on CD-ROM by implementing a series of related business presentation and promotion projects. , projects and tourist destinations.

In 1998 the company continued the pioneering activity, which concerned the development and installation of a network of information stations (Infokiosks) in public places, through which citizens had free access to information such as public services, shopping guide, services essential, MMM itineraries etc.

In 1995, it enters dynamically in the field of technology and Internet, with the creation of the first Internet node in Central Greece. The company soon grew into both a customer base and service and network, expanding its business to provide web design and development services beyond Internet access, as an independent Internet Service Provider (ISP).

Bee Group SA. was founded in Larissa in 1991 and started its business activity under the name Bee Communication SA. – Communication applications.