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GDPR Compliance-DPO Services

GDPR Compliance Services with specialized Business Consultants, IT Consultants and Lawyers as well as DPO Data Protection Officer services.

Administration, Management & Evaluation of Projects and Programs

We plan proposals and Action Plans for new innovative activities, we participate in the coordination and management of National, European and transnational programs with organizations of the private and public sector.

Studies and consulting

We cover the needs of companies and organizations for the continuous transformation of their business processes, proposing the best solutions in terms of development, modernization and reorganization.

Development Policy Planning

We provide services in strategic and business planning, utilization of financial opportunities, elaboration of specialized studies and initiatives for companies and organizations, that design and implement programs, as well as support of Public Sector organizations for the development and implementation of appropriate policies.

Search for funding sources

We identify funding opportunities for companies and organizations and develop the strategy for funding them at local, national and European level, for any industry or specific sector of economic activity.

Technical consulting services

We have many years of experience and know-how in the provision of technical consulting services, providing practical and applicable consulting and support services, of high quality and efficiency, to public and wider public sector.


We will be happy to discuss your goals and help you achieve them!