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Bee Group SA identifies financing opportunities for companies and organizations and develops the strategy for their financing at local, national and European level, for any branch or specific sector of economic activity. Has significant experience and in collaboration with a large number of consultants offers the following services and solutions:

  • Search and implementation of appropriate programs, actions and initiatives, while studying the degree of their effectiveness in the specific business or organization
  • Consulting for the utilization of National and Community resources
  • Preparation of application files for participation of companies and organizations in subsidized programs of the NSRF in the fields of Manufacturing, Tourism, Services, Trade, as well as Special Programs
  • Submission of technical data sheets
  • Design, Implementation and Monitoring of a Project Management Schedule
  • Compilation of regular Reports, Progress Bulletins and Project Expenditure Bulletins
  • Compilation of Operation Completion reports
  • Inclusion of investment projects for financing
  • Investment project management
  • Strategic Investments