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Integrated Ε learning platform that offers asynchronous and synchronous education

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1.1. Development of operates at its own exclusive address in the form https: // (where onoma is the name of your organization), tailored to your logo and your corporate identity, creating a strong and easily recognizable name.

The management of is simple to use and you are provided with the relevant training. The training includes:

  • Creation of user accounts by administrators.
  • Add educational material.
  • Classification of users in courses and classes.
  • Extraction of reports (reports), which will capture the educational course of the trainee.

The platform is based on the use of the Moodle platform providing ease and security in its management. The initial installation and adaptation of Moodle is done by executives of our company and the platform is ready to use in your organization.

In addition, enables the provision of both asynchronous, through Moodle, and modern e-learning, through the connection of Moodle with the Big Blue Button platform.

Asynchronous Platform

For the development of the asynchronous e-learning platform, we rely on the Moodle platform, which:

  • Trusted by more than 80 million users.
  • Over 7.5 million online courses have been designed for this.
  • It has been translated into 130 languages ​​and has been 100% Hellenized.
  • Used in 236 countries.
  • It is in the Top 100 Tools for Learning: # 1 Course Management System.

Platform Features:

  • Cloud technologies. It does not require installation and does not require investments in specialized equipment and infrastructure.
  • Convenience. The platform is characterized by ease of management and user friendliness.
  • Security. It has a high degree of control at the management level, it is safe and reliable.


  • Multiple user roles. Multiple user roles with different access rights.
  • Creation of educational material. Easy, simple and fast creation and posting of educational material.
  • Wide variety of types of exercises. Exercise models that cover every training and assessment need.
  • Statistics and reports. Detailed information of use and results.
  • Issuance of certificates and certificates. Automated issuance of certificates and certificates by the system.
  • Communication platform. Built-in communication platform with calendar, personal messages, chat, etc.


    • Asynchronous Education does not require the simultaneous participation of learners and trainers. The trainees do not have to be in the same place or at the same time. They can thus choose their own personal training time and study the training material accordingly.
    • Learners have the opportunity to watch their lesson as many times as they want and watch the videos or read the notes of each section as many times as they want. The electronic courses are on the platform and they expect to attend them whenever and however many times they want.
    • Courses are immediately available and learners do not have to wait for specific dates to start. This in combination with the possibility of more frequent study reduces the time of attending the e-course by 25% -60% compared to the traditional way of attending.
    • The study time of the course is reduced as the trainee is not obliged to:
      • To follow the rhythm of a group, which may be slower than its own rhythm,
      • To waste time going to a specific teaching space.
      • The trainee may also choose to study only specific parts of the course that interest him while ignoring some others.
    • Introduces new ways of studying and communicating between trainers and learners.
    • It reduces the cost and is more economical than the traditional way of learning because, after the course is created and uploaded to then it can be used many times without additional cost.

Synchronous Platform

The Synchronous e-learning platform is implemented through the interface of Moodle with the Big Blue Button platform.

Synchronous e learning requires the simultaneous participation of all trainees and trainers. Its advantage is that the interaction between instructor and trainee takes place in “real time” and during it they can exchange not only views but also educational material.

The trainees and the instructor can each be in a different place and using the video conferencing technologies of the Big Blue Button platform they can all be in a virtual classroom where the lesson takes place.

The advantages of Synchronous distance learning will be:

  • Organizing distance webinars, seminars and presentations.
  • Teleconferencing from participants’ personal computers, tablets and mobile phones from wherever they are.
  • Monitoring the work environment that has been properly designed by the trainer.
  • Sharing content, texts, presentations and files.
  • Use whiteboard for commenting on presentations (whiteboard)
  • Desktop sharing.
  • Monitoring the discussions that will take place in the virtual classroom.
  • Complete two-way audio between participants in the virtual room and real-time conversation between trainees and instructor.
  • Ability to access sources of knowledge that would be impossible under other circumstances.
  • Record the process and save automatically within the lesson in Moodle for future viewing. The lessons recorded are saved so they can be retrieved and shared instantly.
  • Create real-time polls with the ability to reuse the same questions in other courses

1.2. Educational material

The educational material of the platform has the form of “thematic units”, per educational object. Each Thematic Unit has the following structure:

  • Introduction. Information on the Thematic Unit, and instructions for the study.
  • Modules of the Educational material. The training material is in various forms, so that it is easy to monitor, since no special knowledge of H / Y operation will be required, for example:
    • PDF files
    • Video
    • External links
    • Wiki
    • Websites
  • Evaluation. After attending all the training material, there are self-assessment questions that the trainee must answer and download his / her certificate, if he / she achieves a satisfactory performance.
  • Certificate. In cases where some form of certification for successful attendance is given, the trainee has the opportunity to download the certificate of successful attendance in PDF format.

For the enrichment of with educational material there is the possibility of adding content, through the following options:

  • Access to the educational material of our company, which includes a large number of titles. The use of the material is done in the form of subscription, for as long as you wish at a low cost agreed on a case by case basis. The educational material is posted by executives of our company and is available for as long as the subscription for its use lasts.
  • Use your own training material, which you have developed and which you can manage independently.
  • Finally, we can develop new educational material on your behalf, with the appropriate charge, depending on your requirements


There are multiple benefits from using in distance education, because with its organized mode of operation and its automation, it offers:

  • Reliability of the educational institution, which can organize and carry out its educational program remotely successfully.
  • Flexibility in the creation of Educational material, with the possibility of using the existing ones but also adding new ones, depending on the respective needs
  • Wide variety of types of exercises with exercise models that cover every training and assessment need.
  • Online issuance of Certificates, with automated issuance of certificates and certificates by the system
  • Utilization of exported statistics and reports for the benefit of the training process and the best possible service to the trainee.
  • Record keeping and historicity.
  • Integrated communication platform with calendar, personal messages, chat etc, for the best possible service.

Users operates with the creation of four types of user, where everyone has specialized access rights. More specifically:

Platform Manager, who can:

  • create and manage educational programs-projects, trainees.
  • introduce educational material
  • match trainees, trainers and educational material with programs-projects.
  • Create and manage program administrator accounts

Program Administrator with the following rights:

  • Create trainers and trainee accounts for the platform
  • create trainee sections for the educational programs

Instructor, who has access only to the trainees of the educational programs to which he belongs. The Instructor can:

  • fill in questionnaires in the Educational material for each trainee.
  • follow the answers of the trainees to the questionnaires of the Educational material.
  • create educational programs where their history and duration will be recorded.

 Trainee, who has access only to the instructors and the other people with whom he belongs to the same group / training program.

  • Each trainee can answer the questionnaires of the Educational material in the participating programs.
  • Has the ability to download the certificate of successful attendance, if it meets the requirements.


Get your own platform, which will meet your own business requirements for providing elearning services. The platform will operate at your own exclusive address, tailored to your logo and corporate identity, creating a strong and easily identifiable name for its promotion.


Rent a ready-made platform for as long as you wish and leave its management to the executives of our company, who will perform all the tasks on your behalf, such as user management, courses, reporting, solving technical problems. Get to know the E-learning area easily and economically!