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Μ&Ο tool

Price: From 290€

Management & Operation Tool (M&O tool) is a cloud application, which supports a business or organization to effectively manage its human and material resources. M&O tool is provided in the form of Software As A Service (SaaS). It works without the need to install special infrastructure or equipment, so that the user can easily access and from anywhere.

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In the competitive business environment of the 21st century, companies are called upon to manage their human resources and material resources in the most efficient way in order to highlight their quality characteristics and improve their productivity in order to upgrade the final product.

As part of this effort, they are forced to spend time and liquidity, two important elements that are difficult to replace in the current economic conditions.

The M & O Tool supports a company or an organization to effectively manage its human and material resources, in order to maintain and enhance its quality characteristics and its continuous improvement and development in all areas of its operation.

It is an irreplaceable collaborator of every company / organization, because with its functionalities it organizes the work of the administration:

  • Carries out in a simple and effective way detailed controls of the procedures of the administrative operation of the company, with questionnaires per department, which are specialized according to the position, the role and the level of responsibility of each employee
  • proposes standardized and specialized measures for any deviation from the procedure
  • exports statistics per employee, per control and per measure
  • outlines training needs depending on the role, position and level of responsibility of the employee
  • records and updates data on staff training, per employee and training material.

In addition, it provides tools that upgrade the business / organization and consolidate a modern management model:


with direct access to personal, classified according to his needs, which includes business operating documents and training material, for the purpose of information and continuous self-improvement

Digital Staff-Management communication channel

Aiming the effective communication and constructive dialogue for the development of the business / organization

Incident Book

where incidents are recorded that "disrupt" the smooth operation of the business, so that they are systematically recorded and prevented in the future.

Health & Safety Book

in order to record and manage electronically the data of the Health and Safety of the employees.

QR Code for customer information

which will immediately inform customers / visitors about necessary, important or interesting information of the company / organization.


  • drastically reduce management time and at the same time increase efficiency
  • facilitates the definition of the strategic orientation for the achievement of the main objectives of the company / organization
  • upgrades the connection between the departments of a company by exchanging ideas and information and cultivating an environment of mutual cooperation
  • staff productivity is enhanced by continuing training, as well as by updating and correcting discrepancies during the re-audit
  • the company / organization is shielded from the consequences of omissions and / or errors in the execution of administrative functions and tasks
  • saves time and liquidity to highlight its extroversion and grow, consolidating its smooth internal administrative operation.

Χρήστες Εφαρμογής

Το προσωπικό της επιχείρησης/οργανισμού καταγράφεται και στη συνέχεια καθορίζεται ο ρόλος, η θέση και ο βαθμός ευθύνης του, ανάλογα με το οργανόγραμμα, αλλά και την πραγματική «ροή» του προσωπικού.

Το προσωπικό της επιχείρησης/οργανισμού καταγράφεται και στη συνέχεια καθορίζεται ο ρόλος, η θέση και ο βαθμός ευθύνης του, ανάλογα με το οργανόγραμμα, αλλά και την πραγματική «ροή» του προσωπικού
Δημιουργείται λογαριασμός χρήστη (προφίλ) για κάθε εργαζόμενο, ώστε να είναι άμεση η πρόσβαση στην εφαρμογή σε συγκεκριμένες λειτουργικότητες, ανάλογα με τη θέση στην ιεραρχία.

The M&O tool is the vehicle that can lead your business to achieve its goals