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Domain Names

Now in Bee Group SA you have the opportunity to choose the name under which Internet users will be able to search for you on the internet and obtain the .gr domain name you want, reliably, directly, economically and safely.

Bee Group SA is one of the first registrars of domain names ending in .gr. The Registration Number he has at ΕΕΤΤ is96038.

Price list for the Domain Name Registration services ending in .gr offered by Bee Group:

Domain Names Registration Cost / year Renewal Cost / year
.gr 12,00 € 12,00 € 12,00 € 12,00 € 12,00 € 12,00 € 12,00 € 12,00 € 12,00 € 12,00 € 12,00 € 12,00 €

The above prices are final and include VAT 24%
Minimum registration period two (2) years.
Minimum renewal period two (2) years and maximum ten (10) years
The above price list was modified on 19/06/2015 and cancels all the previous ones.

Additional Services

Service Price
Transfer of .gr name management and selection of Bee Group as a registrar Free
Free €24.00 €
ΑChange of owner name in .gr domain names (one-time) €24.00/td>
DNS service Free

The above prices are final and include VAT 24%

General terms of provision of Domain Names services .gr

Hosting & networking

Bee Group SA has many years of experience in providing hosting and networking services, as it is one of the first companies to operate as an ISP in Central Greece and has its own fully equipped Data Center operating in Larissa.

Through the service, it provides hosting services Shared Web hosting and Virtual Private Servers Hosting on state-of-the-art servers. At the same time, our company also offers Equipment Hosting services (Co-location Hosting).