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E-Mentor is about the development and support of the operation of a digital system of interactive consulting services, which offers a complete solution for managing and monitoring personalized counseling and training programs and services, as well as the creation of appropriate support material.

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E-Mentor is a cloud application and is provided in the form of Software As A Service (SaaS). It works without the need to install special infrastructure or equipment, so that the user has easy access from anywhere.

E-Mentor operates at its own exclusive address in the form https: //, creating a strong and easily recognizable name.

The management of e-Mentor is simple and is done in levels, depending on the access of each user.

Programs - Departments

In an automated and easy way through this functionality, the platform administrator organizes the programs for individual or group sessions, as well as the corresponding sections of the sessions or trainings and combines the consulting tools on a case by case basis.


An important step in configuring each counseling session is to define users as “counselors” and “counselors”, so that everyone’s access is properly predefined, for better communication between them.

Consulting Tools

Counseling Tools are a key element of e-Mentor, and are managed through the following options:

  • Access to our company’s consulting tools. The use is made in the form of a subscription, for as long as you wish.
  • Using your own consulting tools, which you have developed based on the specifications of the platform
  • Finally, it is possible to develop personalized consulting tools, with the corresponding charge, depending on your requirements.

The e-Mentor enables the export of statistics and reports in real time, in order to record in detail the course of the consulted persons and the beneficiaries at each stage of the counseling or training.

Conference Calendar

With the Conference Calendar, the Consultant monitors his existing sessions and plans new ones, having at his disposal all the data he needs, with the “Session Details” functionality.

The Counselor, through the Conference Calendar, has access to the Counseling Tool assigned to him, monitors and schedules his sessions, depending on the availability of the Consultant and the “Meeting Details” functionality.

Document library

In the Document Library, the Consultant stores consulting documents that are not included in the Consulting Tools or that are personalized.

Live Chat / Live Streaming

E-Mentor is a pioneer, activating for all users the possibility for Live chat and Live streaming, in order to provide seamless services either by text chat or video calling.


There are multiple benefits to using e-Mentor in remote sessions / training, because with its organized mode and automation, it offers:

  • Reliability of the Consultant / Instructor, who can successfully organize and conduct the session remotely.
  • Flexibility in the creation of Consulting Tools, with the possibility of using the existing ones but also adding new ones, depending on the respective needs
  • Utilization of exported statistics and reports for the benefit of the consulting process and the best possible service to the consultant.
  • Automation of the calendar to maximize the available consulting time.
  • Record keeping and historicity.
  • Integrated communication platform with calendar, personal messages, chat etc, for the best possible service


E-Mentor works by creating three types of user, each with specialized access rights. More specifically:

Platform Manager, who will be able to:

  • To create and manage types of consulting, programs-projects, beneficiaries.
  • Introduce counseling tools
  • Match beneficiaries, consultants and consulting tools with project programs.
  • Create and manage program administrator accounts

Consultant, who will have access only to the beneficiaries of the beneficiary group to which he belongs. The Consultant will be able to:

  • To complete questionnaires of counseling tools for each beneficiary.
  • To follow the answers of the beneficiaries to the questionnaires of the counseling tools.
  • To create counseling sessions where the history and time of the session will be recorded.

Beneficiary, who will have access only to the counselors and the other people with whom he will belong to the same group of beneficiaries.

  • Each beneficiary will be able to complete the questionnaires of the counseling tools in the participating programs.


Get your own e-Mentor platform, which will meet your own business requirements for providing consulting services. The platform will operate at your own exclusive address, tailored to your logo and corporate identity, creating a strong and easily identifiable name for its promotion.


Rent a ready-made e-Mentor platform for as long as you wish and leave its management to the executives of our company, who will perform all the tasks on your behalf, such as user management, courses, reporting, solving technical problems.

Prove to your beneficiaries that your support is a given regardless of circumstances, and continue to support it remotely with e-Mentor