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Health First App

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A complete digital application for hotel businesses, that offers:

  • tools
  • methodologies
  • knowledge

for adoption, monitoring and proof of sanitary measures in the post-COVID-19 era.

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The Health First App is a complete digital application for hotel businesses, which helps to monitor the measures of the health protocol of JM 1881 / 29-5-2020

The covid-19 pandemic brought to the fore the great need for the creation and strict observance of a health protocol, which would upgrade the operation of the hotel units and would strengthen the tourist confidence.

Bee Group SA, based on its extensive experience in the organization of hotel operating procedures, has created HealthFirstApp, a comprehensive digital application for hotel businesses, offering tools, methodologies and knowledge to adopt, to easily monitor, control and prove the measures of the health protocol of the JMC 1881 / 29-5-2020 in the era of Covid-19.

HealthFirstApp is a cloud application and is provided in the form of Software As A Service (SaaS). It works without the need to install special infrastructure or equipment, so that the user can easily access and from anywhere.

HealthFirstApp supports the hotel business to take advantage of this particularly difficult situation, and to face it as a unique opportunity to improve its organization and operation in all its structures.

HealthFirstApp helps the hotel unit to stand out and differentiate itself from its competitors, to make a significant change in the organization of its tourist services, in order to gain travel confidence.

HealthFirstApp enhances the image of the hotel business, as health safe for tourists, highlighting the issue of health and safety.

In detail, HealthFirstApp is a digital tool that works on PC, tablet or mobile phone and enables the hotel:

To organize sanitary measures

  • organizes and presents the action plan of taking precautionary measures for the whole accommodation and its sub-sections
  • distinguishes the responsibilities of the hotel staff by role and department, for compliance with Covid-19 protocols
  • keeps the Covid-19 Incident Book (for customers and staff) in order to facilitate the detection of a suspected case, and to issue relevant reports to the authorities upon request
  • automatically organizes the process required for the successful management of a suspected Covid-19 case.

To monitor the implementation of sanitary measures

  • systematically monitors the implementation of the required measures by the staff, without requiring time from the management
  • carry out regular re-audits for the implementation of protection measures and immediately identify corrective actions
  • assists the administration in the immediate daily control of the implementation of the required measures.

To train the staff constantly

  • offers complete staff training and keeps digital register for it
  • maintains the training material per department, for easy access and continuous information of the staff at any time
  • allows the addition of extra training material if needed.

to inform and prove the sanitary measures

  • digitally demonstrates the implementation of the required measures to customers and authorities
  • presents to customers, suppliers and staff the required information, prevention measures and accommodation policy for increased hygiene due to Covid-19, in Greek and English.

HealthFirstApp relieves you of the stress of applying and monitoring the Covid-19 health protocol and upgrades your hotel !!!!

Health First App

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