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Price: From 1.800€

Within the purchase price is provided:

  • Training for the use of the system
  • Technical assistance
  • Hosting in the data center of our company for 1 year

The implementation of complex and integrated programs that require the division of staff working time, create the need for organized support and monitoring. Bee Group has developed the specialized Chronos system, which is aimed at those who undertake the implementation of such programs, providing a comprehensive application for the supervision and progress of programs, actions and deliverables.

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The Chronos Information System

  • Creates a complete employee attendance for each project, with simultaneous division of employee working time for each project / action / deliverable.
  • Records the working hours of each employee (daily and per project), thus exporting, easily and directly, the timesheets required by each program.
  • Provides comprehensive monitoring of working hours for employees in the programs per month.
  • It can also function as a formal or informal system for monitoring and controlling the arrival and departure of employees
  • Exports statistics with the productivity of programs:
    • Per employee: captures per month the projects in which each employee works, and the hours worked
    • Per project: captures per month the people who worked and the days that worked on the project.

System features

Supports an unlimited number of projects, programs and companies (case of a group of companies)

Immediate and easy extraction of program schedule sheets

It enables the planning / control / monitoring of human resources

Works on any personal computer independently via the internet

Enables the management of programs per user level

System operation