Internet Applications

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Taking advantage of the flexible platforms for application development in the Internet environment, we create applications and solutions, which can cover specific needs of companies and institutions..

Web applications we develop, combine simple or complex databases and have the advantage, in contrast to the locally stored applications, that remote users can have access them without the need to install another program in the terminal, other than the web browser.

Additionally, in most cases, offer applications as a Software as a Service (SaaS), giving our customers advantages such as:

  • Lower initial investment cost, as no supplies and equipment installations required.
  • Zero cost to "buy" and install software, as the customer subscribes the services as long as it needed.
  • Zero cost for purchase, installation and maintenance of infrastructure equipment, as the application runs in the company's Data Center.
  • Zero cost for maintenance and software upgrades, as the cost of SaaS subscription includes future software upgrades for the entire subscription period.
  • Use of software from anywhere, at any time, since the client is able to access and use the software from anywhere has Internet connection.
  • The customer shouldn’t conducting any necessary technical management tasks (e.g. maintenance and new versions of software, perform backup, etc.).