Providing communication and conference organization services for the European project: "SAURON - Scalable multidimensionAl SITUATION awaReness sOlution for the protection of European ports"

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The SAURON project was based on CIP-01-2016-2017: Prevention, detection, response and mitigation of both natural and cyber threats to Europe's critical infrastructures and was focused on the protection of transport infrastructures of European ports and other means of transportation. SAURON's proposal was to ensure an adequate level of protection against natural and cyber threats to European ports and limit the harmful impact on society and citizens. SAURON's vision was to provide multidimensional "Situation Understanding" platform so that port operators can cope with cyber and natural threats against their freight and maritime activities to ensure the safety of workers, visitors, passengers and local citizens.

BEE GROUP through a competition undertook the following actions:

  • Creation of communication material that was used during the conference (project brochures, notepads, folders, agenda, pens and a roll up banner). 
  • Creation of the invitation and program of the conference.
  • Creation of an online submission form for the conference
  • Signed lists of participants
  • Press releases for the event in both Greek and English.
  • Online press releases about the conduction of the conference
  • Photographic material taken during the conference
  • Issuance of attendance certificates to participants upon request

The services that were provided for organizing and conducting a the SAURON project's conference included, among others:

  • Sending online invitations / program schedule to invitees list as indicated by the project team
  • Real-time videotaping of conference speaking
  • Providing catering for participants (2 coffee breaks and buffet lunch )
  • Providing translation services from English to Greek and vice versa
  • Providing secretarial support during the conference and a list of participants with the delegates signature on it