Publicity actions for the project "educational programs on issues of social economy and development of the urban environment”.

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The goal of the project was to support the entrepreneurship of the beneficiaries with emphasis in the areas of social market economy and developmental utilization of culture and the urban environment. The beneficiaries were:

  • Candidate entrepreneurs/ freelancers who seek configuration of their entrepreneurial methods and placement in the market.
  • New entrepreneurs/ freelancers who seek the formation of their business plan utilizing technology and resources.
  • Active entrepreneurs who wish to upgrade their technical methods. 
  • Employees who seek the upgrade their professional skills, in order to maintain their employment position.
  • Unemployed who seek to improve their skills, in order to get hired or become self-empolyed.

BEE GROUP SA undertook the provision of publicity, promotion and the necessary communications tools in order to achieve optimal disclosure and dissemination of the project beneficiaries and the general public. Specifically:

  • Production of the informative material for the 10 conferences. (blocks, pens, folder, banner, invitations, programs) aimed at young entrepreneurs, women entrepreneurs and vulnerable social groups with the aim of highlighting the risks and analysis of the entrepreneurial components, and to make the Business Support Center a reference point for support issues.
  • Production of the informative material for the Business Support Center (blocks, pens, folders and posters)
  • Production of outdoor signs for the Business Support Center 
  • Publicity of the conferences, seminars and workshops via editing of press releases sent to the media. 
  • Production of educational material for seminars and workshops.
  • Digitization of learning materials for seminars and workshops.