Anakiklo-Zw Project

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The project "Creating Employment of Vulnerable Social Groups in the Recycling Sector - Recycle-ZO" was implemented under Action 3: "Local Actions for Social Inclusion for Vulnerable Groups" of Intervention Class 1: "Preventing and Addressing the Social Exclusion of Vulnerable Populations "Of the Priority Axis 4:" Full integration of all human resources into an equal opportunities society "of the Operational Program" Human Resources Development 2007-2013 "co-funded by the European Union Social Fund (ESF).

The main objective of the intervention was to mobilize the local authorities of the Region of Thessaly as well as each Regional Unity (Larissa, Magnisia, Trikala, Karditsa) in order to create job opportunities for unemployed people who belong to vulnerable social groups.

This project included actions that prepared 80 unemployed people to word at the jobs related to green economy, namely: collecting, transporting and temporary storage of used cooking oils, in order to provide legal, safe, environmentally friendly and ready for industrial use oil and biofuel, as well as collecting, transporting and temporary storage of recyclable materials (paper,metal,aluminum, plastic and glass) in order to transfer them to various recycling units.

The purpose of the project was to contribute to the process of sustainable development of the regions of Thessaly Region by creating conditions that are suitable for the development of recycling enterprises for used cooking oil and other recyclable materials. Another objective of this project was to integrate people that belongs to vulnerable social groups into the labor market.


  • Establish a business framework aimed at the recycling industry for used cooking oils and other recyclable materials (paper, metal, aluminum, plastic and glass) and the employment of people that belong to vulnerable social groups.
  • Promoting professions relative to green economy and environmental protection to people that belong to vulnerable social groups.
  • Supporting recycling enterprises that use cooking oil and recyclable materials.