Eco Delta Project

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The "Eco-Delta" project is an integrated action plan aiming at the social and professional integration of 80 unemployed people from the Temples and Agiai Municipalities through their activities in professions that highlight and exploit the unique environmental and cultural characteristics of the region, and its ancient cultural heritage, through:

  • SUBJECTED training and certification in core competency: "Feeling of initiative and entrepreneurship" according to the European Reference Framework (ERF)
  • SUBJECTED training sessions on the subject of Cultural Knowledge and Expression
  • SUBJECTED theoretical and practical training in the Management of Cultural Resources - Organization of Cultural Events, Creative Sector Professions and Modern Methods of Production and Promotion of Local Products
  • FREE professional counseling guidance and psychological support throughout the program!
  • FREE development of the business plan of the individual enterprise
  • FREE development of the business plan of the social enterprise
  • FREE counseling and guidance during the early stages of the business!
  • FREE participation in a network of young entrepreneurs to develop your business and enhance extroversion!

The sustainable development plan consists of three core axes of activity:

  1. Park "Life in Ancient Greece": this park will consist of a set of new businesses that will be established by the beneficiaries and will represent representative and characteristic scenes from the everyday life of the ancient Greeks.
  2. Production and distribution of local products: the businesses that will be established by the beneficiaries will be engaged in the biological-ecological production, processing, standardization and distribution of local products of the region (agricultural and livestock products, food and drink, folk art etc.).
  3. Creative, cultural and tourism professions: enterprises of this axis will be active in the following professions: (a) the creative sector, (b) the organization of cultural events, (c) alternative tourism and outdoor activities, . They will focus on highlighting and exploiting the particular cultural and environmental characteristics of the intervention area and the integrated management of cultural events.