Publicity actions for the European Project «FATIMA»

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FATIMA’s main objective is to contribute to the awareness raising effort to highlight the importance to take preventive measures against HRV.HRV includes female genital mutilation, forced or early marriage or forced sexual relationships, honour crimes committed against women, young people and children.

The aim of the project is to facilitate a social dialogue among immigrant groups with patriarchal attitudes and culture, by training people from relevant ethnic minority NGOs and equipping them with training materials on human rights and rights of women and children. The dialogue will incorporate direct participation of the communities, including targeted awareness-raising, education, specialized training of key professionals as well as promotion of dialogue within practicing communities.

Finally, a European network among ethnic minority NGOs in different member states for the exchange of ideas, knowledge, experiences and best practices, regarding HRV will be established.

BEE GROUP SA undertook the following actions: 

  • design and development of a dynamic website 
  • reproduction of a cd – rom that contains educational material with the following modules:
    • Human rights practice Support Consultants Guide, translated into 9 languages.
    • Training material Strengthening NGOS
    • Tools and methods for NGOS to prevent violence