Business Plan Based On Food Supply and Basic Material Assistance (ΤΕΒΑ)

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The objective of this project was the development of a system that would support the receipt, delivery and distribution of goods to the project beneficiaries

The system that was developed has the following features:

  • The ability to record the applications submitted by the beneficiaries. The ability to record various information about beneficiaries as well as connect them with families based on their submitted applications.
  • Complete information about the warehouse managed by the Lead Partner of the Partnership (Regional Unity). The recordings are based on Pieces and on Units Of Measurement for each product.
  • The Lead Partner must receive the products from from the suppliers.
  • Recording of the products received by the Lead Partner
  • Recording of the suppliers that are associated with the Lead Partner
  • Distribution of the products in possession of the Lead Partner
  • Complete information about the products that each Partner possess at the various Distribution Points.
  • Complete information about the products are located at each Distribution Point.
  • Recording and distributing the products that are delivered to the beneficiaries families
  • Varying distribution of products depending on the family members and on type of product
  • The ability to export reports and official forms at each Distribution Point and receipts for the products