Accommodation and assistance to asylum seekers and relocation candidates

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The objective of this project was the development of a system that would support relocation, accommodation and various services that are provided at the refugee hosting centers that it manages. This system is being used in hotels at 15 different locations and at apartment management into two different cities.

The system that was developed has the following features:

  • Recordings about the beneficiaries per family(Personal data, data required by UNHCR, social history)
    • Recordings about the support services provided to refugees
    • Sessions
    • Dates to public services
    • Visits to hospitals
    • Emergency calls
  • Recordings about residence apartments
    • Recordings about apartments information
    • Recordings about various damages caused to each apartment and their development until they are repaired
    • Recordings about expenses for each apartment 
  • Refugees relocation from a place of residence to a new one including a family history
  • Recordings of people that are associated with this project including their roles (Social scientists, carers, interpreters, auxiliary staff)