Development and Application of Electronic Medical Case

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Our company in the frames of the program "Development and Application of Electronic Medical Case" undertook the development of a system of follow-up of patients through the growth of Electronic Medical case. 

The aim of this particular work is: 

1) Creation of system of follow-up of patients through the growth of medical case as well as the possibility of cross-border treatment of medical data 

2) Creation of Data Base aiming at the registration of population of responsibility and his characteristics as well as elements of health for the more effective medical treatment and diagnosis in regions with no access. 

3) Interconnection with objective the more rapid briefing of doctors in new scientific techniques under the spectrum of knowledge. 

4) Creation of cross-border team of work for the detection of data from the international bibliography and the application of information so that is worked out a first drawing of creation of electronic case, based on international classification ICPC2. 

5) Collaboration with team of experts in the field of medical information technology for the transport and the application of data in the clinical practice. 

6) Education of team of General Doctors in the following objects: 

  • International system ICPC2 
  • Learning of use of electronic medical case 
  • Education of basic beginnings of biostatistics, medical information technology, methodology of research 

7) Pilot 1st phase of application of electronic medical card in selectively surgeries P.F.Y. 

8) Analysis of results that will result from the pilot phase from the team of objective.


BEE GROUP S.A. for the particular work undertook the following: 

  • The planning and the growth of Base of data aiming at the registration of 8.000 visits 
  • the analysis of results from the pilot phase 
  • the planning and the Creation of assumptions for extension of services in all the notherner Greece and Southern Bulgaria.