TOPEKO-pro Software

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The company BEE GROUP SA following the successful version of the application for project management of the Community Initiative EQUAL, Equal-pro, proceeded to develop the application TOPEKO-pro for project management that are embodied in "Local actions for social inclusion vulnerable groups.

The software TOPEKO - pro addressed in DEVELOPMENT PARTNERSHIPS implementing the projects, monitor all stages of the management of financial assets and expenditures of each partner and sub-project, can produce and print all necessary forms to be sent to the control authorities and be recorded in the Integrated Information System, while also able to process and produce a range of useful information and printing necessary for the proper functioning of the Development Partnership.Allows full-time and "capture" of the audit trail for each document costs and payment. It is also designed so that it can operate in the environment of Internet, in order to register on line, items of expenditure by the partners of the DP.Through the online support pages users can receive support and download updates.