Installation of automatic ship identification devices in Hersonissos, Crete (A.I.S. - Automatic Identification System)

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Bee Group undertook the following actions:

  1. Providing monitoring navigation systems in the Hersonissos port, computers, and related electronic and telecommunications equipment.
  2. Providing equipment AIS Base Station/AIS Info Center and software. The AIS Base Station will have the following capabilities:
    • It will be capable of two-way communication between the AIS network and the AIS Operator Stations (AIS-IC: AIS Info Center).
    • The ability to download data from all AIS devices installed on ships located in the VHF area to cover that location and transmit the relevant data to the AIS-IC.
    • A "report message", including Base Station ID, the location and UTC time used for synchronization.
    • The ability to send point-to-point or broadcast SMS messages.
    • The ability to increase the transmition rate of AIS ships(assigned mode).
    • The ability to transmit - broadcast - radar targets or targets coming from AIS Base Stations so that ships equipped with AIS can track AIS or Radar targets beyond their reach.
    • The ability to convert the RS232 protocol to TCP/IP (IP Controller) and vice versa so that they can communicate with any IP network.
    • Moreover, the AIS Base Station can be expanded in the future so that it can work in "Hot Standby" mode.
  3. Pilot operation of equipment and staff training.