Implementation of actions of Work Package 2 "Communication and Publicity" and Work Package 4 "Good Mobility Management Practices" under the European Program "SEE / A / 744 / 3.1 / X-SEE MMS"

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The SEE MMS project aimed at creating a strategy about developing transportation in SE regions in Europe  This project would provide relative experience to local and regional decision makers at implementing mobility management plans to effectively implement sustainable, cost-effective, environmentally friendly and efficient measures. The axes of the program were:

  • Preparing action plans for mobility management
  • Creation of mobility centers that will serve as focal points for the measures used in the action plan
  • Establishing a network of mobility centers

BEE GROUP through a competition undertook the following actions:

  • Design and production of printed material meant to be used for the promotion and publicity of the project. More specifically:
    • Newsletters, presenting project activities, goals and progress combined with various articles and information related to the project
    • Brochure
    • Leaflets
    • Folders
    • Notepads
    • Posters
    • The projects' logos
    • Implementation of the project's website
      Within the framework of the project BEE GROUP has undertaken the design and development of the project's website This website could be connected via intranet with the best practices on mobility issues as well as with mobility centers created within the project's framework. The information system which was used was based on an open source Content Management System (CMS).
    • Designing and publishing press releases as well producing TV spots for Web TV viewing to disseminate the results and achievements of the project
      • We undertook the design and publication of 10 press releases in magazines, newspapers and electronic media. The aim of the press releases was to inform everyone about the project's results and achievements
      • Production of TV spots for Web TV viewing. The duration of the spot was (10) minutes, it's purpose was to inform everyone about the results and achievements of the project.
      • Designing, creating and distributing the final results-conclusions of the project in printed and electronic format (CD-ROM).
        These CD-ROMs included the findings and conclusions of the project. This CD-ROM included a navigation application created with Adobe Flash.
      • Development of a study on mobility management
        An English study was conducted with the following thematic areas:
        • Study on the feasibility and legal framework for the implementation of mobility management interventions.
          The main objective was to identify the practical details  of introducing a successful and effective Mobility Management System in a region, taking into account the different circumstances including political, regulatory, financial, educational and organizational requirements for Mobility Management
        • Developing MM plans in the cities of all partners
          Our company undertook the drafting of a mobility plan designed to reduce the time spent on travelling by car from and to the city center