Implementation of the FREEMED "Fleuves et Rivières Espaces d'Equilibre pour méditerranée", (1G-MED08-134), ('Rivers and riverine areas as a sustainable development area for the Mediterranean countries'

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The aim of the project FREE-MED was related to protecting and using the natural resources, heritage and cultural features of river basin districts. It will improve corporate management of these areas be developing discussions, improving the usage and encouraging the development of initiatives. The program ensured the coordination of integrated management strategies, the protection of sensitive areas, biodiversity, cultural landscapes and resources, economic management of water, exploitation of sites, development of ecotourism,the improvement of information systems and lastly raising awareness on climate change. The overall objective of this project was inspired by the realization of the economic operators and society about the importance of water as a rare source. They also realized that rivers are essential elements of the areas which mark them as natural resources essential on their heritage and culture. This project demanded the provision of expert services to support the implementation of each action of the project as well as monitoring the timetable and the implementation of its deliverables. Last but not least it was also required to prepare reports concerning the financial implementation and expenditure reports.

BEE GROUP through a competation, undertook the following actions:

  • Reports concerning the physical and financial part of the project
  • Deliverables about the workshops and the Coordinating Committee (invitation,program,photographic material and press releases)