Provision of publicity and promotion services for the project "Short-term educational programs on issues of social economy and development of the urban environment"

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The aim of the project is to support the entrepreneurship of the beneficiaries by giving emphasis on the market sectors concerning social economy and the development of culture and urban environment. The support that was provided includes, among others:

  • pre-evaluation of the business idea and its prospects
  • informing the beneficiaries about legal, administrative and tax framework related to establishing new businesses(legal forms of business, formal actions and supporting documents required etc.)
  • information on labor market and services provided by other social structures,
  • support the drafting progress of a business plan as a basic tool for starting, developing and financing a business
  • support at the process of making a marketing plan
  • early-stage guidance, providing information, counseling and guidance on fund raising (provided by both the private sector and social structures) 
  • providing information and support for operational programs (dossier preparation)
  • counseling and guidance on organizing and managing the project
  • monitoring and recording the business development of the new supported entrepreneurs
  • providing information material that belongs to other affiliates so that a one stop shop of information may be established
  • follow up with online tabs of beneficiaries and tracking their progress towards their business goals

Overall, interventions made are covered in the following key areas of intervention of the European Social Fund actions to strengthen entrepreneurship:

  1. Information,
  2. Support – Counseling – Mentoring,
  3. Networking