«FLORMED: Floriculture Mediterranean: Innovative actions for public and private network»

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FLORMED was a floriculture program aiming at saving energy and water by introducing new floricultural methodologies under Mediterranean conditions. The FLORMED program was designed to promote policies and strategies to create synergies at international level so that it can bring together the production and markets of various Mediterranean regions, overcoming competitiveness.The primary objective was the improvement of varieties that already grow on Mediterranean soil. New species and varieties suitable for cultivation on Mediterranean soil were also explored in order to preserve water and energy. A secondary objective was the development of trade between different markets of the floriculture sector. 
The Region of Thessaly collaborated with three other countries Italy, France and Spain with a goal of economic growth that will be achieved by encouraging innovation and entrepreneurship.
Overall and specific objectives of the project:
Overall objective: FLORMED aimed at developing and implementing innovations, economic and trade policies as well as promotion strategies in order to have a medium - and long-term impact on the competitiveness of floriculture in the Mediterranean region. Another aim was to promote the Mediterranean flowers so that we can improve the existing production and give to SMEs a tangible opportunity to improve their competitiveness against countries of northen Europe, Ecuador, and countries from the African continent such as Kenya. 
Specific Objectives: A primary specific objective was the establishment of a system of international governance to help Mediterranean floriculture improve through targeted strategies that aim to solve common problems in the floriculture sector. The next step was to provide to SMEs with the know-how that large-sized Enterprises use. Last but not least was to promote Mediterranean flowers to productive and commercial markets. We strove to find a way to connect markets and cooperation possibilities and we focused on this context by trying to create an international network for the promotion of the Mediterranean flower.

BEE GROUP through a competition undertook the following the designing of:

  • Design of a Newsletter
  • Quadruple leaflets presenting the project and its results
  • Folder
  • Pens - Mechanical Pencils
  • USB Card
  • T-shirt
  • Notebooks
  • Poster
  • Pencil holders
  • Watering cans
  • Stickers
  • Flower pots with gardenia flowers
  • Key Chains