Crossroads of Art

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The main objective of the program "Crossroads of Art” was the integration of third-country nationals as well as harmonious coexistence with the Greek society through art.

Citizens of third countries and Greek artists had the possibility to participate in theatrical and musical events, using multimedia to showcase them for the purpose of combatting xenophobia and negative stereotypes.

What do we want to achieve?

  • The development of common actions between citizens of third world countries and Greek artists in the sectors of theatre, music and media.
  • The enhancement of collaboration between artists with the formation of new groups promoting the multicultural nature of art.
  • The contact and exchange of thoughts and experiences between Greeks and people of third world countries on topics of artistic expression and art as a global language.
  • The promotion of talented Greek and immigrant artists to the Greek community, via the events carried out in Athens and Thessaloniki.

What are the main actions of the project?

  • Implementation of five theatrical workshops in Athens and Thessaloniki directed to over 100 artists, with content such as introduction to acting, movement, dancing, improvisation, vocals, corporeal mime, dramatology and set design for the purpose of creating groups that will present their plays in outdoor events.
  • Implementation of five musical workshops in Athens and Thessaloniki directed to over 100 artists, with content such as musicology, musical societies, acoustic education, electronic music, composition, orchestra, choirs, traditional music of various cultures for the purpose of showcasing a multitude of artistic expressions presented in outdoor events.
  • Implementation of two workshops dedicated to video art in Athens and Thessaloniki directed to over 40 artists, with content such as theory and techniques of video, image composition, basic principles of video and audio, digital tools and image/sound processing for the purpose of enabling them to creating their own video content.
  • Implementation of two street events in Athens and Thessaloniki, where the musical and theatrical projects of those groups are presented. The aim is to show to the general audience the results of multiculturalism. Two of these groups will have the chance to win prizes for best musical and theatrical performance.  
  • Implementation of two central events in Athens and Thessaloniki, where the artist’s projects will be showcased and awarding the two best musical and theatrical groups.
  • Production and distribution of the DVD with the presentation of street events’ theatrical and musical performances for the purpose of promoting the artists. 
  • Development of a website for showcasing the attending artists’ profiles.

Who took part:

  • Citizens of third world countries living in Greece
  • Citizens of Greece 

People who are affiliated either as professionals or amateurs with:

  • Music,
  • Dance,
  • Theatre,
  • Media

Event partners

  • Bee Group SA
  • Hellenic World Foundation