Creating Employment for vulnerable social groups in recycling - Anakyklo-ZO

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The main objective of the intervention is to activate and mobilize local bodies of Thessaly region and each Regional Unit separately (Larissa, Magnesia, Trikala, Karditsa) in order to ensure job creation for the unemployed from socially vulnerable groups.

The project includes a set of actions relating to the proper preparation of 80 unemployed beneficiaries in order to become active in the area of green economy, and in particular:

  • in the collection, transport and temporary storage sector of used cooking oil in order to be disposed in a lawful, safe and environmentally sound manner for industrial use, namely the production of biofuels and biolubricants, and
  • in the collection, transport and temporary storage sector of recyclable materials (paper, metal, aluminum, plastic and glass) in order for them to be transported to recycling plants.

The project aims to contribute to the processes of sustainable development of the regions of Thessaly, by creating conditions for business development of recycling of used waste cooking oil and other recyclable materials. An additional objective is the integration of persons belonging to socially vulnerable groups in the labor market.


Bee Group undertook the following actions: 

  • Coordination and Management
  • Information - Raising awareness to the general public.
  • Website development
  • Production of visibility material
  • Preparation and monitoring of the Action Plan of Information and Publicity
  • Central Workshop presentation of the results of the Act - Raising public awareness
  • Informational meetings within the framework of events with groups of beneficiaries
  • Messages transmission via media
  • Informational Meetings with the beneficiaries groups