Information System for Supporting the Operation of Accommodation and Support Structures for Refugees

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The "Information System for Supporting the Operation of Accommodation and Support Structures for Refugees" provides support for the implementation of the "Relocation Scheme and Emergency Response" program.
The system supports and records in detail all the processes that take place in the program.Specifically, the system has the following features:

  • Managing the beneficiaries (monthly credit lines of beneficiaries, types of advice provided, etc.).
  • Managing material aid and services per apartment or per beneficiary.
  • Creating user access accounts for other applications
  • Designing the Beneficiaries Card in order to access other Social Structures
  • A complete record of the psychosocial support provided by Social Workers to each beneficiary, and their course towards improving their situation.
  • Creation of a complete report of the benefits received by each beneficiary but also a report of their efforts to reintegrate into society and the psychosocial support they received.
  • Case action plan
  • Emergency response
  • Managing the transportation of the beneficiaries.
  • Managing the residential apartments of the beneficiaries in each field of action.
  • The allocation of beneficiaries in the apartments.
  • Transporting beneficiaries from one field of action to another.
  • Managing the equipment of the apartments.
  • Managing damage claims for apartments.
  • Managing support staff visits to the apartments.
  • Centralized management of the fields of action.
  • Creating reports and exporting measurable data on services and products of all Social Structures. More specifically:
    • The number of beneficiaries served by each Social Structure
    • Demographics about the beneficiaries
    • Services provided
    • Time of service
    • Products offered
    • Number and categories of suppliers
  • Importing expenditure into the corresponding categories of expenditure.
  • Importing, recording and processing cost statements and payments for each Social Structure, in the corresponding categories of expenditure
  • Exporting data to Microsoft Excel for further processing.
  • Monthly Expense Reports, Progress Monitoring Bulletins.
  • Exporting expenditures in editable form for their immediate dispatch