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Health First App is a integrated digital application for hotel companies, offering:

  • Tools
  • Methodologies
  • Knowledge
  • so that they can adopt and monitor the measures of the health protocol of the KYA 1881/29-5-2020 in the post-COVID-19 era.    

    In the complex situation that Covid-19 has created in our country, Health First App simplifies for you the application and monitoring of the health protocol of KYA 1881/29-5-2020 in your hotel.

    This crisis, although it has several risks for the survival of hotel businesses, should be seen as a unique opportunity to improve the organisation and operation of hotels in all their structures. What will be the travel trends that will be created and how can a hotel unit stand out and differentiate itself from its competitors?  

    Significant change will be needed in the organisation of tourist services in order to gain travel confidence. It is also of great importance to strengthen the image of hotel businesses as health-safe for tourists, highlighting the issue of the health and safety of their visitors.  

    For more information visit the app's website at: www.healthfirstapp.gr www.healthfirstapp.gr