e-Compliance GDPR

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E-Compliance GDPR  a cloud-based application, offering easy compliance for every organization or business in accordance with Article 30 of the GDPR, it also supports continuous compliance monitoring and effective accountability

In Compliance:

  • Supports and simplifies the recording and analysis of all processing of Personal Data and through some simple questions exports the Record of Processing Activities, the GAP ANALYSIS, the Data Flow Map, the Risk Assessment that are available in printable and editable form and performs automated testing for the requirement of Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA)
  • describes the measures the business / organization has to take to comply and proposes Organizational and Technical Measures for the security of information systems and physical records according to the level of risk.
  • has a complete library of compliance material templates (Policies, Operating Procedures, Consent Documents, Security Plan, Disaster Recovery Plan, etc.)

In Compliance Maintaining/ Monitoring:

  • easily integrates all changes made to the business/organization and updates immediately and exports all references to each change of business/organization
  • proposes new Organizational and Technical Measures to reduce risk if it changes from the changes that occur in the business / organization.
  • it maintains in an organized way the compliance data for easy use by the business / organization.

In Accountability: 

  • Easily and quickly retrieves reports per category of personal data and per employee to effectively control their privacy and access to storage.
  • It extracts evidence that the company complies with the regulation when it is requested by partners, customers, also maintains the historicity of controls to demonstrate compliance
  • provides inventory of material in the library (Complaint Submission Form Submission Form, Event Log, Responses to Submission Rights Submissions, etc.)

e-Compliance GDPR is a web application, that can be customized based on the data of each business / organization, provides the ability to create unlimited data processing procedures and multiple users with different roles. It is available in both English and Greek.  

Further details about e-Compliance GDPR can be found in: www.ecompliancegdpr.com