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In twenty-five years of operation of the Bee Group, boasts an important work through a series of important projects and collaborations. Today continues and succeeds in breaking new ground in business activity, thanks to the experience and ingenuity, but also the hard work of its staff.

In 2018, our company implements the new iso 9001:15 standard with scope: designing, consulting designing, developing, marketing,software and information system installation, designing, developing, managing and hosting web sites, servers as well as technical support. Furthmore, our company continues to apply a certified system according to ELOT 1435:2009 with scope:provision of public relations, sales promotion services, direct marketing, two-way communication

In 2014 Bee Group SA implements a big investment in Data Center and production equipment, which allows to company to offer virtualization services and to develop new products and applications.

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Since 2011, the company applies a certified system according to the standard ELOT 1435:2009 for the provision of communications services including advertising services to public bodies and public sector. The scope is: provision of public relations, sales promotion services, direct marketing, two-way communication. The company's System has been certified by the certification body TUV HELLAS.

Since 2009 the company, in order to ensure the effectiveness and continuous improvement of operation for achieving the goals and objectives, apply a certified quality management system according to EN ISO 9001:2008. The scope is: Studies, Consulting services, design development installation of software applications, Web hosting. Providing implementation services and operation of information systems and technical support. The quality management system of the company has been certified by DQS HELLAS Certification Body.

In 2004 begins the redesign and reorganization of the company, which leads to the formation of the Bee Group SA.The activity objects of the company expanded, reorganized the internal procedures, the Advisory Department of the company is enhanced with new strains and designed a series of actions which combines the company's experience in Web technologies and new media with the consulting and communication services. The reshuffle leads to increased flexibility but also the efficiency of the company, which is reflected by the undertaking and implementing a series of large and complex projects addressed both enterprises and operators of private and public sector.

The 2003 Bee Communication implements large investment in technology and know-how and develop a fully equipped Data Center, capable of providing high quality hosting service Internet systems and applications.

In 2001 the company gains presence in Thessaloniki and in Athens and in 2002 extended on site consultancy services in publicity issues, operational planning and technology.

In 1999, the company obtains direct satellite Internet connection with the USA (Larissa-Washington D.C.) and extends to the development of Multimedia applications on CD-ROM by implementing a series of related projects.

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In 1998 the company proceeds with the groundbreaking for the season of activity, which involved in the development and establishment of networks of stations reporting (Infokiosks) in the municipality of Larissa, through which citizens had access to information, such as buying guide, basic needs.

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Since 1995 has been active in the field of technology and the Internet, creating the first Internet node in Central Greece. Soon the company developed both clients and services and network, expanding its operations and in providing design services and Web development and network applications beyond providing access to the Internet, as an independent Internet Service Provider (ISP) in the area of Central Greece.

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Bee Group SA was founded in Larissa in 1991 and began its business activity as Bee Communication by organizing events and outreach activities.